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Export Items


Export Items


Syria Cement Works (FWAM) :3000t/c Clinker Production Line
Kazakhastan Construction:3000t/c Production Line Project
Kirghizia Gunter Cement Works Coal Replacing Gas Project
Laos Cement Industry Co., Ltd 2500t/c Production Line

China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation (Exported To Yemen)
East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Exported To Vietnam)
Sudan Ghillie 2×206Bg*I Combined Cycle Power Station
Uzbekistan Ashgabat Clinker Production Line
Lafarge Cement Production Project (Exported To Uzbekistan)
Papua New Guinea Ramu Nico Mining Works Project
India Vadant Alumyte Transmission System Project
Malaysia HuEEcement Co., Ltd Daily Output (5000t/c) Project
Korea Pyongyang Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
Ethiopian Airlines
Syria Power Development and Transmission and Distribution Project
Zimbabwe Project
Congo Gold Mine Construction Project
Exported To Iran
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